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Zoomers Gold Training Fin

Zoomers Gold Training Fin


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This short blade training fins now have new formulated comfort and performance.  New foot pocket is more comfortable on the foot.  New blade stiffness is in between the red and blue Zoomers® fins.  These fins train your legs for speed and endurance.  The shorter blade promotes shorter and faster kicks.  The closed heel design creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion.

Size C (male 3.5-5, female 4.5-6)
Size D (male 5.5-7, female 6.5 - 8)
SIZE E (male 7.5 - 8.5, female 8.5- 9.5)
SIZE F (male 9 -10, female 10-11)
SIZE G (male 10.5-11.5, female 11.5- 12.5)
SIZE H (male 12- 13, female 13- 14)

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