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Winchester .22 Caliber Blanks For Starter Pistol

Winchester .22 Caliber Blanks For Starter Pistol


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These are the most premium .22 caliber short black powder blanks on the market.  These are the largest .22 caliber blanks we offer. They produce fair amount of smoke with a nice flash and good report.  Box of 50.


We have found the .22 caliber Winchester blanks are a less expensive alternative to the .32 caliber Winchester blanks for practice and/or small home track meets. We prefer the .32 caliber Winchester blanks for our larger home meets and/or invitationals for a more professional look/appearance. Morley Athletic Supply Co. does an outstanding job answering my questions and follows up on any questions concerning the order. The order is processed efficiently and accurately.

-Dustin, Eureka, IL

WARNING! -  Starting guns and ammunition should only be used by adults 18 years and older.  Use of the product is the sole responsibility of the customer.  In no way can Morley Athletic Supply Company Inc be held responsible for any actions taken during the use of this product after purchase.  Purchase of this product will serve as your understanding and agreeing to these terms.


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