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Wheelin' Water No Contact Side Liner Hydration System W/ Cooler

Wheelin' Water No Contact Side Liner Hydration System W/ Cooler


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The Wheelin' Water WNCSLC no contact side liner hydration system is great for any team looking for a safer no contact or "touchless" system to keep their team hydrated. It's created so you or your team don't have to touch any surface that can pass on diseases to other people at any time. Thanks to the built in water sensor, players won't need to use a foot pedal, water bottle, or even be hands on with the cooler to get water. This system comes complete assembled so you just have to connect the cooler filled with your drink of choice to the system and then you can get fresh, cooled, drinks for up to 6 players at one time. The cooler is positioned for easy cleaning and adding ice.

  • Patent pending "no contact" hydration system with 6 sensor stations powered by a 12volt-20-amp rechargeable battery
  • 18-gallon cooler
  • No flat casters and tires
  • Stainless steel steering assembly that allows casters to swivel and turn in parallel for easy maneuvering
  • Front handle allows for manual pulling with tractor/cart
  • Attaches by hose to frame mounted inline water filter for clean water
  • Upper 18" x 20" deck for spare supplies
  • Charger and sanitizing tables included
  • Covered by manufacturers 1-year warranty on defective manufactured parts
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