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Wheelin' Water No Contact 50 Gallon Tank

Wheelin' Water No Contact 50 Gallon Tank


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The Wheelin' Water WNC50T no contact tank is great for any team looking for a safer no contact or "touchless" cooler to keep their team hydrated. It's created so you or your team don't have to touch any surface that can pass on diseases to other people at any time. Thanks to the built in water sensor, players won't need to use a foot pedal, water bottle, or even be hands on with the cooler to get water. The 50 gallon insulated tank is positioned for easy access to add ice and water.

  • All aluminum welded frame
  • Fits through a 33" doorway
  • Wide set wheels increase stabilization which makes it easier to maneuver
  • No flat tires and casters
  • Stainless steel steering assembly gives excellent turning ability
  • Fork converts to a tow bar to allow towing behind gator or tractor
  • Patent-pending "NO CONTACT" hydration system with 8 sensor stations each powered by a 12volt 20AMP rechargeable battery
  • (2) 3GPM pumps with 4 sensors on each pump for better pressure
  • 50-gallon water tank with large 8" opening that's great for adding ice
  • Rugged 20" x 45" upper storage deck with closed ends for any small accessories needed. The storage deck is at a height of 36"
  • Inline strainer helps protect pumps
  • Charger and sanitizing tablets included
  • Covered by manufacturers 1-year warranty for defective manufactured parts.
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