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Waterboy Horizontal Power Model Gen 2 - 55 Gallon - All Drain Tank

Waterboy Horizontal Power Model Gen 2 - 55 Gallon - All Drain Tank


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The Waterboy 55 Gallon Horizontal Power Model Generation 2 system uses a four-wheel cart with an all durable cooler frame that keeps the coolers in place and suspends the 8 drinking stations at a height suitable for athletes to use. Features the new "All-Drain" tank design.

What makes this unit different from the old model: There are significant improvements that have been made to the HPMT-G2 that makes it much superior to the original HPMT. The main difference is with the wagon. The G2 wagon is now all aluminum with solid rubber casters and does not utilize an axle and does not have an undercarriage. The aluminum wagon is much more durable, no longer has any moving components in the undercarriage that will break, the tires will not go flat and are able to tow the weight of the that 55 gallon tank with water. Also, the aluminum wagon is open on the bottom with only a lip that allows the tank to sit on it so that the water can fully drain out. The aluminum wagon also has a hitch that allows it to easily attach to a gator. The 55 gallon tank is an all drain tank with a sump to prevent any water collecting and sitting at the bottom of the tank. It has a bigger 10" lid for easier filling of ice and water. The G2 now has 8 drinking stations and are better distributed on either side of wagon (4 on each side) to allow easier player access on both sides of the unit. The power pack is also better with a much bigger and more durable water pump as well as a more durable rocker switch.


  • 55 Gallon "All-Drain" Tank
  • Indestructible Wheels & Axles
  • 8 Drinking Stations
  • 10" Lid
  • All Aluminum Cart

Features a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects.

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