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Waterboy Horizontal Chiller With Cart

Waterboy Horizontal Chiller With Cart


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The Waterboy Horizontal Chiller consists of a cooler fitted with a chilling coil. The cooler is filled with ice and the sanitary hose is connected to a portable, pressurized drinking source (hose bib). Water is chilled as it passes through the coil and into the drinking manifold.


  • Provides continuous chilled water through 8 drinking stations.
  • Utilizes 100' of copper coil to chill the water.
  • Comes on an all-aluminum wagon with flat-free casters; can be towed via the hitch pin.
  • Connects to a potable water source via a recommended sanitary garden hose (sold separately, Item# MA17302); eliminates the need to fill coolers with water.
  • Closed plumbing system prevents contamination.

Features a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects.

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