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VIP Series Bleachers With Standard Fence Railing

VIP Series Bleachers With Standard Fence Railing


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These VIP Series Bleachers With Chain Link Fence are perfect for outdoor auxiliary seating requirements. Frame work is welded aluminum angle. Seat planks are 2" x 10”w anodized aluminum so there is no discoloring.  These bleachers feature double foot planks that measure 2" x 10” each and are made of mill finished aluminum.  Risers on every row.  Bleachers on this page come with fence railing standard on the upper rows to meet requirements of NFPA & the Consumer Products Safety Commission standards.  Models with aisles have full 4.5' wide aisles with aluminum hand rails.  5 year manufacturers limited warranty.  Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Here are some of the features that customers absolutely love about these bleachers and what to look out for when purchasing bleachers:

1. Frames - 100% aluminum angle. Be careful of those quoting “galvanized, steel angle iron” as equal.

2. Seat Planks - 100% anodized aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of .078. A thinner walled unit does not have the strength or support. Be careful of anyone offering powder coated steel planks which will rust out when powder coating wears off.

3. Foot Planks - 100% Mill Finish Aluminum. Be careful of those quoting steel foot planks.  They could rust out & will need to be replaced.

4. End Caps - constructed of fiber reinforced polypropylene. There are no holes to drill to complete installation. No sharp edges to snag clothing or skin.

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