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Varsity Toss Back Basketball Rebounder

Varsity Toss Back Basketball Rebounder


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Varsity Toss Back is still recognized as the finest basketball training equipment, the varsity is designed for the use at top level basketball instruction. The varsity provides intensive skill training to dramatically improve the player's quickness and strength required for today's game.

The varsity toss back improves control, increasing quickness. Command drills incorporating ball handling conditions and strengthens players. Varsity demands accurate passes, reducing turnovers and errors. Game situations, rebounds and plays can be reenacted over and over, honing and sharpening playing skills.

The varsity toss back has a roll-around base provides easy mobility and strong support. Simply roll the unit into position and lock securely, using the foot brake lever. This base adapts to previously designed varsity units and requires less storage space than original units.

Net frame height is easily adjusted from 4' 5" to 7' 4 1/4". The net frame (38" x 51") is quickly positioned for different types of return passes.

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