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Unmanila Rope 1" Tug Of War Ropes

Unmanila Rope 1" Tug Of War Ropes


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I don't care how old you are (or young you are for that matter), when you think back to grade school field days tug-of-war should come to mind.  What is it about this simple battle of strength that leaves such a strong memory.  Tug-O-War is a staple event at field days, church events and family picnics.  There isn't much required other than a starting line, a good tug-of-war rope and some muscles.

These unmanila ( also known as poly pro ) tug of war ropes are becoming increasingly popular.  Unmanila is a synthetic manila material developed in the past during a natural manila shortage. It looks and feels like natural manila ropes but offer the benefits of a stronger, lighter material that is less effected by moisture.  Unmanila tug of war ropes should be purchased if you plan to store your tug of war ropes outdoors. 

These 1" diameter ropes are the standard across the country.  The material is Grade A and smoother than many other manufacturers making them forgiving on hands but still maintaining their awesome grip quality.  This material features a whopping 8100 lbs breaking strength.  So after you're done with your tug-of-war match you can pull trucks out of the mud.  Each rope features 3 strands of twisted material for durability.  Hand spliced 5 foot circumference "anchor man" end loops on each rope.

Available in 4 different lengths as listed below.  All ropes are 1" diameter. 
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