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ULTRAZOOM Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

ULTRAZOOM Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace


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The ULTRAZOOM Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace is built to give any player better performance with out letting an injury get in the way. The performathane soft shell forms to each person, allowing your ankle to move as it naturally would without causing more injury. The brace is on in a matter of seconds and can protect for hours at a time. The brace also lasts for multiple seasons. The ultra zoom works for anyone from an extremely active athlete to someone who just needs a little more ankle support for the day-to-day activities. The best shoes to wear with the brace would be low-top sneakers than can be loosened. 

Small/Medium: 10.5"-14" or 26.5cm-35.5cm
Large/X-Large: 14"-16" or 35.5cm-40.5cm

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