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Ultrak Yellow Electronic Starting Pistol

Ultrak Yellow Electronic Starting Pistol


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The Ultrak Yellow Electronic Starting Pistol is a high quality unit that will last for years.  This versatile electronic starting pistol in a package with a portable PA for practices and indoor events (as pictured).  With blank ammo shortages every year chasing down ammo for your meets has become all but impossible.  This electronic starting pistol means you'll never have to worry about ammo for your next meet and you won't have to waste ammo for practices.  It is the perfect alternative to blank ammo starting pistols and every official and coach should have one on hand.

Great for Indoor Active Shooter Training!

Sold as a set with the Mini PA and head set microphone that will allow you to use the portable PA for announcements and other times when you would like your voice to be louder.

  • Improved over Ultrak SP-50 electric starter
  • Shaped like a wand, removing gun shapes out of schools
  • Connectable to louder portable amp
  • Brighter strobe light with additional bulb flashes with starting sound
  • Three different starting tones: gun fire, beep and whistle
  • Can simultaneously start Ultrak L10 Multi-Lane Timer
  • Electronic gun is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Portable amp can be used as a microphone or loud speaker
  • Amp produces sound up to 90 dB to 15 feet with volume control
  • Amp includes rechargeable lithium battery with 8 hours of use when fully charged
  • Comes with carrying case
  • One-year warranty

Johns' Review:

I used the Ultrak at an indoor track meet last night and it worked great. I used just the speaker function since I officiated the high jump and it sure helped save my voice when I had to call the athletes up for their turn. The noise level at an indoor meet is unbelievable and your product helped immensely. Can't wait to try the starter function.

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