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TSRECTBLOCKPAD Rectangle Volleyball Blocking Pads

TSRECTBLOCKPAD Rectangle Volleyball Blocking Pads


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These TSRECTBLOCKPAD over sized blocking pads allow coaches to react to players attacks more effectively that with stationary block trainers. These pads measure almost 24" high by 16" wide. That's some serious blocking coverage. This Rectangular Volleyball Blocking Pad will create a monster block whenever you need it during practice. Reinforced hand straps make it made to last and the printed blocking arms help with focus.


  • One rectangular blocking pad to create monster block every time
  • Pad features 2 reinforced hand straps with molded plastic grip for easy control and comfort
  • Pad design includes 2 extended blocking arms and volleyball sun logo
  • Foam pad with PVC fabric cover
  • Measures 23.6" x 15.7" x 2"
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