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Time Machine Wireless Computer Interface

Time Machine Wireless Computer Interface


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The Time Machine Wireless Computer Interface lets you use a standard USB port to transmit information from up to 400 feet away.

  • Plug-and-Play replacement of the standard computer interface cable.
  • Transceiver unit plugs into Time Machine’s Multilane port.
  • Micro USB adapter connects directly to computer’s USB port.
  •  Wireless connectivity up to 400 ft depending on obstacles.
  •  Compatible with all existing scoring software – emulates a standard serial port.
  •  Can wirelessly connect up to 7 Transceivers to a single USB port, allowing simultaneous
    reception of data from up to 7 Time Machines with a single computer.
  •  Can view assigned COM ports and rename Transceiver icons to easily manage multiple
    Time Machine connections.
  •  Provides large data buffer with error detection and correction for a robust data link.
  •  Provides secure connection with unique ID code prohibiting unauthorized access to your data.
  •  Status LED blinks red when not connected, turns green when connection is established and
    turns orange when data is being transmitted to/from the Time Machine.
  •  Output connector extends Multilane port signals from Time Machine for normal use.
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