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Tensa-Net Fasteners (Set Of 4)

Tensa-Net Fasteners (Set Of 4)


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Tensa-Net Fasteners have rubber fasteners with 10" steel hooks.  Fasten your volleyball nets the easy way.  Tensa-Net Fasteners are easy to install. SOLD in a set of 4!  Can also be used with badminton nets and lightweight tennis nets.

Most people use these net fasteners to make set up and take down of their nets faster.  The second most popular reason for using Tensa-Net Fasteners is that they keep your net taut by placing one of the rubber fasteners in each corner of the net. These heavy duty rubber fasteners are also handy for use with Volleyball, Badminton, and Multi-Sport nets. 

A set of four includes two heavier fasteners for the top corners of the net and two lighter fasteners for the bottom. 

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