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Tandem TSBUNGEE Volleyball Bungee Blocker

Tandem TSBUNGEE Volleyball Bungee Blocker


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One of the hardest jobs on the court during a volleyball practice is that of the opposition.  Making sure you have someone blocking so you can run a proper drill simulation is tough because the timing may not always be correct.  That's what makes the Tandem TSBUNGEE Volleyball Bungee Blocker the ultimate blocking tool! The bungee blocker makes sure the opposition is always ready with a  block so your drills run fast and smooth.  Constructed of lightweight aluminum and bungee straps to allow for game-like simulation in practice. Use the bungee blocker to improve hitting placement or as a coverage tool in blocking drills. Sturdy design allows for easy handling and use. One of the most affordable blocking options on the market!

Suggested uses: use the bungee blocker for team drills and game-like simulation, individual hitting drills, and coverage drills. 

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