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T15 T-Series Soft Touch Turf Bases

T15 T-Series Soft Touch Turf Bases


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Soft Touch also has your turf base needs covered as well!  You can get the T1500 complete base set or if you need to get a replacement base you can also order the T15 singe turf baseball base.

If you have a synthetic turf field make sure you get high quality bases that won't rough it up.  Soft Touch is a trusted brand that Morley's has been supplying since their inception.

Soft Touch® T-Series for Turf bases are molded from durable cut resistant polyurethane. Made in the USA, our bases are designed to flex and absorb as a player slides into base. When enough force is applied, as in the case of uncontrolled slides, the base will release from the turf - minimizing the potential for player injuries. Proven over 20 years of play, Soft Touch® bases outperform standard bases and are fully warranted against failure due to defective materials for one full year.

Soft Touch® for Turf is designed for use on synthetic playing fields. Our unique design requires no mounting system and sits securely on the synthetic turf. Easy to install, Soft Touch® for Turf can remain in-ground year round or set up for game-time. These bases are not meant for carpet style turf fields. 

Warning: Sliding into a base represents a clear danger. All players must be advised of this hazard and properly trained in sliding technique.


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