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Super Shine-All 4 Gallon Case

Super Shine-All 4 Gallon Case


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Super Shine-All® 4 Gallon Case is the legendary neutral cleaner that preserves, cleans, and polishes

Shine-all® is a legendary cleaner that's been a leader for over 80 years. Its concentrated, neutral ph formula removes a wide variety of dirt and grime without harming your floor finish. It is perfect for cleaning resilient tile, asphalt tile, vinyl floors, synthetic floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, paver brick, natural stone, and coated wood floors.

Shine-all cleans deep and provides a protective sheen to help preserve and protect. Polishes and waxes cleaned with shine-all last longer, extending the interval between recoats. It is the cleaner of choice for damp mopping and auto scrubbing. Plus, shine-all's unique sassafras fragrance makes everyday cleaning routines a pleasure.

Shine-all® has a unique formula that makes the water wetter by reducing its surface tension to help the cleaning solution soak into the dirt. It provides quick penetrating action by getting into and under the dirt and grime fast. Shine-all also delivers controlled sudsing action for thorough cleaning, plus its dissolving action does an excellent job of breaking up water soluble particles. It emulsifies fats and oils and holds them in solution for easy removal.

Shine-all is equally effective in hard or soft/hot or cold water plus it is biodegradable and phosphate free. It is USDA authorized in category a4 and classified as to slip resistance by underwriters laboratories, inc.®, 186s.

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