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Speed Trac Ac Adapter

Speed Trac Ac Adapter


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Speed Trac Radar UnitIw

Performance and reliability are dramatically improved due to the use of a newly engineered 2-layer pPCB board, exceedingly superior quality board components and the most preferred x-band Doppler dielectric resonator module utilizing a state-of-art fet (field effect transistor). The Speedtrac-x operating software has been engineered to increase the ability to identify and track a target.
 Speedtrac-x is the recommended training aid for hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, cricket, squash, lacrosse, golf, cycling, field and roller hockey, speed skating, racquetball. It is also used for radio controlled cars and in recreational motor- sports activities such as Atv’s, Karting, snowmobiling and off-road motorcycling.
 Place your unit on the ground about 20 feet in front of the pitcher/thrower. Placing the unit close to the pitcher/thrower, rather that the target area, will result in higher "out of the hand" speeds. Also positioning your speed Trac-x radar unit closer to the pitcher/thrower, and not the target area, greatly reduces the chances of your unit being struck by the ball. The radar detects a ball equally, regardless of it's direction of travel. Therefore, two people can play "catch" and the speed Trac-x will display the speed of both players throws without having to reposition it. Your speed Trac-x will also clock bat swing speed.
 The only requirement for radar guns, is that the target be moving almost directly towards or away from the radar, for the most accurate readings. This is true for any radar gun.
Operates on 4 'c' cell batteries and/or ac adapter unit.

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