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Soft Touch A1500 Adult A-Series Progressive Release Complete Base Set & Covers

Soft Touch A1500 Adult A-Series Progressive Release Complete Base Set & Covers


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The most Popular Soft Touch Bases on the market at the best prices.  Choose from the A1500 complete baseball base set with mounts, A150L base cover set of 3, the A15DBL Double first base or the A15DBL-SET which is a full set.  You can also get the the single bases A15 with mount or just the A15L Base cover for that missing base cover.

Soft Touch® Adult A-Series Progressive Release bases are molded from durable cut resistant polyurethane. Made in the USA, all of our bases are designed to flex and absorb energy as a player slides into the base. In case of uncontrolled slides, the patented "Progressive Release" action allows the base to flex until enough force is applied to "pop" the base free from the mount, unlike a stationary base.

Proven in 20 years of play, Soft Touch bases® outperform standard bases. Soft Touch bases® are fully warranted against failure in craftsmanship and material for a full year.

The patented Soft Touch Progressive Release design insures that the base releases from it's anchor with just the right amount of force allowing for aggressive yet safer play. Our polyurethane bases provide the ultimate flexibility in mounting options while minimizing the potential for player injuries.

Soft Touch baseball and softball bases with the patented progressive release design are the safer alternative to bases advertised as break-away or dis-engagable. Progressive release bases meet the Little League "disengage-able" base rule implemented in 2008.


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