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Slipp-Nott Large Complete Base & Sheet Set with 60 Sheets

Slipp-Nott Large Complete Base & Sheet Set with 60 Sheets


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Sometimes you want the most coverage available and that's what you get with this large Slipp-Nott base system.  Slipp-Nott is and advanced traction systems for sports played on hardwood/waxed floors.  Slipp-Nott increases safety and performance of any athlete needing traction on smooth indoor floors. For over a decade Slipp-Nott has set the world standard for indoor traction and our products can be seen at most televised basketball games.

Slipp-Nott improves traction on the court by removing dirt and wax build-up on athletic shoe soles when athletes walk across the adhesive coated sheets.  Each mat has 60 sheets.  Dimensions for base 28" x 29".  Sheets measure 26" x 26".

These sports include:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Aerobics
  • Team handball
  • Indoor soccer
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