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Shield 50" LTG High School/Collegiate Floor Hockey Set

Shield 50" LTG High School/Collegiate Floor Hockey Set


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The Shield LTG High School Floor Hockey Set is MADE IN THE USA and featured the strongest and most durable sticks in the world! Sticks measure 50" in length.

Shield Sports is dedicated to your safety and satisfaction, and to prove how confident we are in the quality of our new LTG stick, we're offering a lifetime guarantee on the shafts of the entire series! The LTG is a cost-effective, strong and durable stick that will not crack, break, or splinter because of its unique construction: a tough plastic shaft reinforced by a fiberglass dowel.



  • 5 sticks with red blades

  • 5 sticks with blue blades

  • 2 ABS goalie sticks

  • 2 speed control balls

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