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Sentry Pickleball Post System

Sentry Pickleball Post System


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The Sentry pickleball post system is perfect for a quick set up and take down on the court, whether it be single use or multi-use courts. It makes switching from pickleball to tennis a breeze. This system is built to last while also making it easier to set up in order for more play time without worrying that the net is going to come down mid-game or practice.

This System Includes:

  • Sentry posts & winch for adjustments
  • Heavy duty pickleball net
  • The MA40167 gets a set of plastic sleeves for the ground and the MA40168 gets a set of hinged sockets** for the ground

Features of the System:

  • Top cap that telescopes up or down with just the pull of a pin to quick change the height from 36" for pickleball to 42" for tennis.
  • Posts are constructed of 3.5" OD heavy duty, 1/4" thick high tensile aluminum which makes the posts easy to remove and store or reset for tennis
  • Net made of heavy duty UV resistant mesh & Vinyl with dimensions of: 36"H x 22'L
  • Removable crank handle
  • Covered by manufacturers lifetime limited warranty

**The hinged sockets are great for making the ground look flush after removing the net system while the plastic sleeves leave a hole in the ground once the net system is removed

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