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Seiko S149 Stopwatch With Printer

Seiko S149 Stopwatch With Printer


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The Seiko S149 stopwatch with printer offers a complete package in one convenient unit. GRIP SWITCH AVAILABLE CLICK HERE.


  • Measurable up to 10 hours in 1/100 of a second
  • Split/ lap time measurement
  • Store and recall of up to 300 split/ lap times
  • Memory recall during operation
  • Memory segregated be event
  • Multiple event memory
  • Large- sized three row display panel
  • Time and automatic calendar
  • Prints 13 digits per line
  • Printing speed of 1.5 lines per second
  • Print is large and clear
  • Printout selection of split only or with lap times
  • Optional paper holder to install larger amount of paper
  • Automatic printout of year, month, date and time
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