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TSROUNDBLOCKPAD Round Volleyball Blocking Pad Set

TSROUNDBLOCKPAD Round Volleyball Blocking Pad Set


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TSROUNDBLOCKPAD Blocking tools are essential for developing volleyball skills and those stationary units have been popular for years. Sometimes though you want your practice to be a bit more dynamic and that's where these blocking pads come in. Worn right on your hands these pads allow you to move that blocking position more like a real opponent would. This Round Volleyball Blocking Pad Set is designed to create a controlled block every time. Includes hand outline for focus.


  • Set of two round blocking pads to create controlled block every time
  • Each pad features 2 reinforced hand straps for easy control
  • Pad design includes hand outline and volleyball sun logo
  • Foam pad with PVC fabric cover
  • Measures 11.8" x 2"
  • Two pads in set
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