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ROBO Hi Control Leg Guards & Kickers

ROBO Hi Control Leg Guards & Kickers


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Robo Hi Control Leg Guards & Kickers have been designed to enable the goalie to move quickly and naturally. The evenly curved shape achieves maximum control of rebound off the face of the leg guard. The shape of the guard completely encases the leg. Kickers feature large 'sweet spot' and plastic inserts to protect and dissipate ball impact. The ultimate in flexible protection for top-level goalkeepers.

Leg Guard Features:

  • These leg guards are shape to give excellent rebound control from almost any angle
  • The LEFT and RIGHT leg guards are not the same because goal keepers do not have the same requirements for each leg
  • The right leg is designed to allow easy body movement and controlled sliding without any twisting

Kickers Features:

  • Vertical and flat sides to lessen the chance of the ball being lifted when kicked
  • Hidden straps maximize the size of the sweet spot when side kicking
  • Straps are easily replaced and adjustable
  • Very flat ground presentation maximizes protection and rebound while keeping the toe inside the kicker
  • Rounded toe shaped to enable the maximum player acceleration

Medium Leg Guards: 24" Tall | 10" Wide | For players 5'2" to 5'8"
Large Leg Guards: 26" Tall | 11" Wide | for players 5'8"+

Medium Kickers: Men's shoe size: 6-9 | Women's shoe size: 7.5-10.5
Large Kickers: Men's shoe size: 9-12.5 | Women's shoe size: 10.5-14

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