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ROBO Hi Control Hand Protectors

ROBO Hi Control Hand Protectors


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These ROBO Hi Control Hand Protectors are designed for field hockey enthusiasts looking for superior performance and protection. Featuring advanced technology and materials, these hand protectors provide maximum comfort and safety during intense gameplay. Trust in the experts at ROBO for a winning edge on the field. One Size Fits All. 

Right Hand Features:

  • Medium density face foam for controlled rebound which makes this hand protector excellent for ground performance
  • Right hand protector has a soft pad on the underside of the wrist for better comfort and to help with ball control
  • Has straps for control of your glove
  • Lower rebound offers more control that is excellent for ground performance
  • Unique style allows quick movements with completely unhindered movement of your wrist
  • This line is designed for players at a national or senior level (and those who want to get there)
  • Most Olympians rely on this line for performance, style, protection and complete confidence
  • Your stick can follow your arm at any time which is very useful for tackles on the ground or PC defense where you stretch your arm to reach the ball

Left Hand Features:

  • Made with hi-control foam
  • Square edges to help control and deflect the ball
  • Elastic strap to keep it secure without hindering movement
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