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Reflective Dash Safety Vest

Reflective Dash Safety Vest


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Not all reflective safety vests are made equal.  In the past most were a standard vest design much like pinnies or scrimmage vests.  The past is in the past though and we have a more modern design for you.  The best part about the new Reflective Dash Safety Vests aren't their new redesigned style though.  The best part is that these vests are reflective and visible from 1200 feet away.  That's more than double the distance of a typical designed reflective vest.  The redesigned style offers easily adjustable tabs that make this vest a true one size fits all design.  Perfect for jogging, motorcycling, for when you're car breaks down on the highway or when you're out kayaking or canoeing the Dash Reflective Safety vest could save your life.  

This is an inexpensive piece of gear you can;t afford to be without.  Here are some addition specifications for this safety vest that reinforce how it goes above and beyond most other competing vests and why you should buy the Dash vest over our competitors.

  • Reflects up to 1200 ft wet or dry for night time visibility
  • Made of lightweight breathable mesh
  • Reflective strips on front, back and shoulders
  • Two Velcro tabs adjust for perfect fit
  • One Size Fits All
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