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Pro Ice Basic Team Safety Kit

Pro Ice Basic Team Safety Kit


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Keep the whole team ready to play with the Pro Ice Basic Team Safety Kit, which includes 1 Shoulder wrap (PI 260), 1 Wrist wrap (PI 300), 1 Knee/Multipurpose wrap (PI 400), 1 Ankle wraps (PI 500) and the Cooler Bag (PI 620). This combination will treat virtually any injury in sports, reduce swelling and allow a number of athletes to ice prophylactically between games. The cooler bag will keep the ice wrap cold for up to eight hours, depending on ambient temperatures. Because Pro Ice Cold Therapy Products do not drip, there’s no mess on the team bus—and no need to wait until the players have returned to the locker room to begin icing. Pro Ice’s ice wraps excel over any other cold compress or gel ice pack.

Pro Ice holds constant at 27 degrees, until it is liquid, up to an hour when applied. Whether the reusable ice wrap comes out of a freezer or one of our cooler bags, it is ready for after a game or practice. This guarantees both full therapeutic and anesthetic value, under the widest variety of real-life conditions. Additional inserts can lengthen the icing time and provide yet another benefit over gel ice packs.

Pro Ice was created in 1991 with athletes in mind, but now delivers non-toxic pain relief to anyone who hurts or who ices for preventative care. Each component of the Pro Ice Cold Therapy Products has been designed with the ultimate sports medicine care while contributing to the goal of optimal icing. The cover is made of Veltex, a patented, insulated loop fabric that will not fray. It directs the cold, limits condensation and lasts. The cryoblanket ice insert fluid is FDA-approved, food-grade and nontoxic. The proprietary mix melts slower than 100% water products and ice, rendering it ideal for remote usage. The windowpane format does not slump or thin, whether applied vertically or horizontally, even under compression, giving uniform distribution of cold. Elastic compression straps keep the wrap in place allowing variable compression where needed for personalized comfort and pinpoint application on trouble spots, while allowing the user to remain mobile and still ice. Pro Ice Cold Therapy Products are ready wherever and whenever needed.

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