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Powerpull 48' Long Tug Of War Rope -14 to 28 Players

Powerpull 48' Long Tug Of War Rope -14 to 28 Players


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Powerpull® Tug of War Ropes are designed to eliminate the abrasions that standard tug of war ropes can cause this new style rope provides players with a safe, fun alternative to the standard rope in tug of war.  The Powerpull® tug of war rope is made from high quality durable webbing that can withstand over 5,000 lbs of force.  Every 28" along the length of the webbing there has been 2 loop handles sewn on which can also withstand over 5,000 lbs of force.  These loop sets allow students to easily grasp the "rope" for a secure grip when playing tug of war.

"This is what tug of war should be exciting fun and with out injurys. The rope gave us many problems our district will never use ropes again.. Thanks"

-Janet S. School Physical Education Director

"We've used PowerPull tug of war ropes for 5 yrs and they still look like new it was money
well spentand the youth love it!"

Sue F. School P.E. teacher

"4x4 PowerPull strength trainers is WOW!! My boys get a total mental and physical work out outdoors and when rain comes we go to the gym floor and get a total work out."

Football Coach
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