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Powerpull 4-Way Tug Of War Rope -10 to 40 Players

Powerpull 4-Way Tug Of War Rope -10 to 40 Players


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Powerpull® 4 Way Tug of War Ropes are designed to eliminate the abrasions that standard tug of war ropes can cause this new style rope provides players with a safe, fun alternative to the standard rope in tug of war.  The Powerpull® tug of war rope is made from high quality durable webbing that can withstand over 5,000 lbs of force.  Every 28" along the length of the webbing there has been 2 loop handles sewn on which can also withstand over 5,000 lbs of force.  These loop sets allow students to easily grasp the "rope" for a secure grip when playing tug of war.

4-Way Tug Of War Instructions

Tug of war has been one of America's most popular and economical recreational activities throughout history and today it remains just as popular.  Four team tug of war has added a new dimension to this physical and strategic game of strength and wits.  The 4-way tug of war rope allows up to 20 students to participate at one time (5 on each team rope) pulling 4 vs. 4, 3 vs. 1 (by distributing weights evenly), 2 vs. 2 or even 1 vs. 1 (by only using 2 opposite ends).

The most popular way to begin and score using a 4-way tug of war rope can be seen in figures 1 and 2.  The rope and teams are centered within a square that is typically marked using game cones.  The square court is usually 100' square.  Be sure to choose a space without any obstructions that is on a non-abrasive surface.  Each team begins by pulling towards there side of the court.  The winning team is the first team to completely cross their boundary as shown in figure 2. 

In figure 3 you can see 3 vs. 1 tug of war.  This model can be used if you can distribute weight equally.  Making 3 of the rope lengths equal to the fourth.  This is most popular when adults and children will be participating.

Figure 4 shows 2 vs. 2 tug of war utilizing the 4-way tug of war rope.  The first team to pull the other over the center line completely wins.

You can make your own variations of the games explained above.  Please be sure to use an open area with no obstructions that has a non-abrasive surface- grass is optimal.  In addition be sure to give each team member 5 feet of space so team members do not bunch up and fall on one another.  No members of the teams should ever let go of the rope until the round is finished.

Manila tug of war ropes should be stored in a dry place and should not be allowed to get wet as manila is weakened by as much as a third of its strength when wet.  In addition mildew can damage ropes that get damp.  Should your rope show any sign of wear it should be replaced as safety is an issue.

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