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Porter Powr-Steel Standard Competition Volleyball 3" Package

Porter Powr-Steel Standard Competition Volleyball 3" Package


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The Powr-Steel Standard Competition Package has all the accessories needed to play a great game of Volleyball. It's durable and made to last for long playing sessions at any level, youth to USAV.

This Package Includes:
  • Powr-Steel End Standards (pair)
  • Official Upright Protective Pads (pair)
  • Competition Net
  • Powr-Line Net Antennas (pair)
  • Fair Height Net Chain

The Powr-Steel End Standards are a combination of function, style, and stability. The 3" OD steel uprights are strong, sleek, and weigh less than 50 lbs each.
- Steel Inner Upright
- 7 Laser Cut Height Stops
- Powr-Select Winch
- Tethered Steel Set Pin
- Adjustable Rubber Foot
- Cast Iron Pulley Wheel

The Upright Protective Pads are miter cut and hinged in order to fold neatly around uprights and tensioning reels which provides a slim profile. The covers are polyester reinforced 15oz vinyl, and the 1 1/2" thick polyethylene filler has hook and loop attachments. Pads are 6' tall to exceed USAV, NFHS, and NCAA requirements for player safety and protection. They are available in 14 different colors.

The Competition Net is heavy-duty net that was built with superior quality construction. The net measures 32' X 39" and the 4" square netting is provided in black. The #24 nylon cord exceeds specification requirements for all levels of competition. Six, one-inch wide polypropylene tension straps work in conjunction with composite fiberglass dowels within the end pockets to provide the perfect appearance and ultimate net tension for amazing performance.

The Powr-Select Net Antenna features a durable, heavy duty design that is easy to adjust when needed. Textured locking clamps are located on the bottom of the antenna to be secured and released without the need for a ladder which increases safety. It meets all NFHS, NCAA, FIVB requirements.

The Fair Height Net Chain measures the distance from top of the net tape to the playing surface to ensure a consistent and fair net height with each set up. The top hook fastens to the net, and orange markers along the chain represent the four different competition net height standards.
Height Standard Measurements:
- 6-6"
- 7-0'
- 7-4 1/8"
- 7-11 5/8"
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