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Porta Phone Gold Series Dual Channel System

Porta Phone Gold Series Dual Channel System


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The Porta Phone GOLD Series is one of the most affordable coach communication systems available.  These dual channel systems can accommodate up to 9 coaches. These dual channel systems are cutting edge wireless systems for football programs that have dedicated offensive and defensive staffs.

All GOLD dual channel systems include a specialty head coach headset that features a channel select button installed on the bottom of the earcup.  Switching is instantaneous and confirmed by an audible tone in the headset speaker.  The 6 coach system comes with two head coach headsets allowing bot coordinators to switch channels.

The GOLD Series are perfect for smaller programs that have limited staffs.  They feature self contained wireless headsets without belt packs and operate in full duplex mode, which means that coaches can talk simultaneously without pushing buttons.

No Belt Packs / No Base Station

With GOLD wireless there is no base station to set up.  This frees your spotter to roam the stadium un-tethered in order to gain the best vantage point from which to call the game.  This is especially critical at away games where the visitor's press box accommodations may be limited.

Auto Mute Boom Technology

Since all GOLD headsets include Porta Phone's automute boom technology coaches that are not speaking can swivel their microphone to the up position and simply monitor the conversation.  When called upon, or if they have a contribution to make, they can re-engage their microphone by bringing it back down to speak.

Modify / Upgrade Easily

GOLD systems are easily expandable and you can add coached to the talking pattern simply by purchasing additional headsets - programming them right in your office without the need to return and components to the factory.

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