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Polypropylene Power Conditioning Ropes

Polypropylene Power Conditioning Ropes


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Our PolyPropylene Power Conditioning Ropes are made of 1-1/2" diameter PolyPropylene which is softer and more rugged than traditional manila ropes.  The main benefit of using PolyPropylene rope is that it will not shed fibers keeping your gym floor and the air you breathe cleaner.  All ropes include an optional hand spliced center rope ring for attachment.  ROPES WILL BE SHIPPED IN COLOR BLACK UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.  WHITE AND TAN ARE ADDITIONAL OPTIONS.

New heart pounding strength and conditioning product which provides a low impact high cardio workout through various easy drills. System created by John Brookfield and his "battling ropes"® program allows you to whip large diameter ropes into unlimited wave motions which amp up the heart and burn large muscle carbs.

Pick the size of rope to the size of your space and the progression of workout. Example: 50' rope is doubled for 2 - 25' sides when working solo. Can also work in pairs.


**Rope color may vary from picture

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