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Poly Dacron Climbing Rope No Knots

Poly Dacron Climbing Rope No Knots


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Gym climbing ropes make a great addition to any physical education class in addition to your athletic training activities.  Follow these easy steps to design your climbing rope and have it made to order from our high quality materials.  Designing your own custom gym climbing rope is easy.   You've used those brittle, splintery ropes before now try one of our high quality gym climbing ropes and see the difference American workmanship makes.  

Get A Quick Quote using our My Quote system online! OR Call us 1-800-811-1931 for an official quote to hand into your school purchasing department.

Our Indoor Gymnasium Climbing ropes are made with premium grade 1.50″ premium grade natural manila, poly Dacron and polypropylene ropes. Top of rope has a metal eye fitting for easy installation to ceiling attachment. Choice of 3 different bottom options to prevent unraveling. Our gymnasium climbing ropes also have 3 different climbing assist options.

Decide which rope:

Step 1: Choose between our rope options (see pictures)
Poly Dacron – these ropes introduce an extremely soft rope material as well as having excellent moisture and UV resistance characteristics. Has an extremely strong and lightweight polypro core with a soft and durable polyester outside jacket layer similar to the feel of cotton. Available in white, black or tan.

Step 2: Choose the length
  • Gymnastic Rules: state that climbing ropes without bottom knots should be long enough so that at least 42″ of rope is on the floor. Measure distance from floor to overhead girder and add 3.5′.*
  • Regular Gymnasium: climbing ropes should be distance between the floor and the bottom of the overhead girder minus 1′.*
  • we can custom cut any rope you need. Call for price on custom sizes. 1-800-811-1931

* special considerations for beam clamps are not included in these measurements

Step 3: Choose between our 4 finished bottom options (see pictures);
  • (1) – whipped end
  • (2) – whipped end with a durable poly boot cover
  • (3) – large turk knot with leather seat
  • (4) – braided back
Step 4: Choose between our knot options/climbing assists
  • No Knots – traditional rope with no knots. Tougher and more challenging.
  • Rest Grip Knots (RGK) – woven & spliced onto rope every 18″ to provide better grip when ascending & rest areas descending.
  • Beginner Knots (BK) – large knots tied into the rope itself that form platforms every 18″.
  • Rubber Balls (RB) – very durable and very strong rubber balls attached every 18″.

Step 5: Hanging Hardware

See all the hanging hardware and devices you may need in the accessories above.

To order a custom size rope please call to get a quote.  1-800-811-1931.

If you have any questions regarding ropes please call 1-800-811-1931   9-5 Eastern Time- Monday- Friday

Please also see ourLANDING MATS which are recommended for safety.

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