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Poly Alphabet Spot Markers Set Of Letters A-Z

Poly Alphabet Spot Markers Set Of Letters A-Z


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So is there a way to make poly spots even more functional in your physical education program? Yes... yes there is. Introducing Alphabet poly spots. A full set of 9" diameter spots each one featuring a different letter of the alphabet. These are not only good for PE classes but regular classes to. Elementary school kids love the visual aspect of the Alpha Spots. The bold yellow letters against the blue background make them easy to see and fun to use.

Use these spots to combine physical activity with mental activity. Great for use in obstacle courses, activity station exercises, reading activities, writing activities and more. Also perfect for teaching literacy skills through physical activities to students with intellectual disabilities.

Made in the USA!

Complete set of 26 letters A through Z.

Also sold as a set of vowels only, see the accessories tab for a link.

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