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Plain Chamois Towel 13" X 17" Quick Dry Towel

Plain Chamois Towel 13" X 17" Quick Dry Towel


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Chamois towels are like a little bit of magic stored inside a plastic tube.  Most people don't realize this but chamois towels only work when they are damp.  

If you get in the water occasionally, any towel may be sufficient. However, regular swimmers need something that is not only absorbent but comfortable, too. A chamois towel (sometimes called shammy towel for swimmers) is designed for people that are in the water for hours at a time. Chamois towels are nice and soft and feel good on the skin.

A quality chamois towel is the perfect towel for hot weather. Once you are out of the pool you can leave the towel around your neck and shoulders. Its unique properties allow water to evaporate and cool you at the same time. In fact, the towel can sometimes feel cold to the touch as it evaporates and cools.


  • Super absorbent small towel
  • A must in every swimmer's mesh bag
  • Comes in many fun colors
  • Packaged in a plastic tube
  • 12 1/2" x 17"
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