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Penn Monto FPM700 Multi-Turf Field Hockey Balls (Dozen)

Penn Monto FPM700 Multi-Turf Field Hockey Balls (Dozen)


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The Penn Monto FPM700 Multi-turf Field Hockey Balls offer seamless friction free playability. Pink FPM700's are the NYS HS Championship Ball!


  • Seamless friction free hollow ball constructed of PVC for use on grass or turf
  • Recommended for play in temperatures above 35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in colors: white, orange, yellow or pink
  • Please specify color when ordering
Selecting a field hockey ball is more than just ordering a dozen.

First, we must evaluate the playing surface. For our purposes, we will divide the fields into those made of the following surfaces:

  • natural grass
  • water based turf
  • sand based turf
  • filled turf
The filled turf is the newest development in the industry, and presents conditions different from the other two artificial surfaces in that it slows down the speed of the ball. Second, we must evaluate the playing conditions of the day. Is the field dry or wet? Finally, we must give consideration to the age and the level of play of the teams.

You will notice that a Dimple Ball is always selected for wet surface conditions. The element of water-added either by nature or by man - produces a totally different surface. The result of this is hydroplaning or inconsistent ball speed. The dimples help to control the hydroplaning, producing a more consistent ball speed.

Surface Scholastic
Grass - Dry PM Game MA18484, PM Multi Turf MA18485
Grass - Wet PM High School Dimple

Water based - Dry PM Multi Turf MA18485
Water based - Wet PM High School Dimple

Sand based - Dry PM Multi Turf MA18485
Sand based - Wet PM High School Dimple

Filled turf - Dry PM Game  MA18484
Filled turf - Wet PM High School Dimple


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