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OBO Wheelie Basic Goalkeeper Bag

OBO Wheelie Basic Goalkeeper Bag


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The OBO Basic Wheelie bag is a heavy-duty but practical sized bag that makes transportation of gear for players easy and convenient. This bag is large enough to hold all of your essential gear but not so large that it becomes a hassle to move. The vented pocket allows players to put their smelly gear inside without worrying about unpleasant orders and the ball bearing wheels make transporting your gear, smelly or not, a breeze. Experience convenience and reliability with this essential bag for goalkeepers.


  • Huge size to hold all the stuff a keeper needs to be an amazing person
  • Pull handles for easy lifting in and out of cars, on and off luggage belts, and any other form of transport
  • Heavy duty durable polyester fabric
  • Telescopic drag handle
  • Plastic bottom for extra stability
  • Vented smelly pocket for smelly stuff
  • Extra pockets for anything else
  • Ball bearing wheels for easy transport and high speed cornering. 
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