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OBO StandUp Wheelie Goalie Bag

OBO StandUp Wheelie Goalie Bag


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The OBO StandUp Wheelie Goalie Bag is a great travel bag with tons of pockets and ball bearing wheels to make your trip easy! The straps and handles make it a breeze to get the bag in and out of cars, on and off the field, and in any other space necessary. This durable travel wheelie bag has a sealed pocket to keep your smelly stuff separate. Game on!


  • Uses less space in the locker room and around the field
  • Extra pockets for anything else you may need
  • Pull handles for easy lifting in and out of cars, on and off luggage belts, and any other form of transport
  • Thermatically sealed pocket for smelly stuff
  • Huge size to hold all the stuff a keeper needs to do their best
  • Telescopic drag handle
  • Plastic bottom and sides for extra stability
  • Heavy duty durable polyester gabric
  • Ball bearing wheels for easy travelling and high speed cornering
  • New and improved features - stick holder, robust wheels, bigger zips, allow handle, and strong attachments
  • Available in colors blue or pink
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