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OBO ROBO Hi Rebound Hand Protector

OBO ROBO Hi Rebound Hand Protector


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The OBO ROBO Hi-Rebound hand protectors are offered in both a right hand and left hand style, each with their own positive features. Each provide great performance, style, and protection for all players.

Right Hand Protector Features:

  • Has internal straps for optimal stick handling and it is anatomically formed around your hand
  • Extremely hi rebound with great control and a special blocking area for short corner defense and back hand tackle
  • Designed for players at a national or senior level (As well as those who want to get there)

Left Hand Protector Features:

  • Built smaller for stability of the hand and increased ball control
  • Shaped to control the ball and direct it downwards; square edges help to deflect the ball
  • Elastic strap on wrist helps to keep the hand protector secure at all times but does not inhibit movement
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