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OBO ROBO Hi Rebound Goalkeeping Leg Guards

OBO ROBO Hi Rebound Goalkeeping Leg Guards


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The Obo Robo Hi-Rebound Goalkeeping Leg Guards are a durable, wide, and upright set of leg guards to keep you safe on the field while providing a great tool to help your team win. These guards help deliver superior ball control thanks to it's very stiff wings of foam which helps control the direction of the ball and slow down the rebound speed. The flatter face of these guards also allows for more predictable rebound direction, resulting in better power and distance for your clears. 


  • Promotes greater power and longer clears
  • Very stiff wings that control ball direction and slow rebound speed
  • Flatter face allows predictable rebound direction
  • Available in Medium or Large Sizes

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