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OBO OGO Leg Guards & Kickers

OBO OGO Leg Guards & Kickers


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OGO Leg Guards and OGO Kickers are the perfect set for the entry-level goalie who is just starting out. The light-weight foam helps keep goalies safe while also allowing them to move and start refining their skills while on the field. 

Leg Guards Features:

  • Hidden straps ensure no wear or grabbing when sliding
  • Left leg guard provides maximum width by being wider than the right, but still does not twist when sliding
  • Specially designed buckles are fully adjustable and will not creep open or loosen during play

Kickers Features:

  • Vertical and flat sides to lessen the chance of the ball being 'lifted' when kicked
  • Very flat ground presentation maximized protection and rebound while keeping the toe inside the kicker
  • Rounded toe is shaped to enable maximum player acceleration
  • Easily replaceable strap system

Leg Guards Sizing:
Height: 19" | Width: 8.25" | Player Height: 4'11"-5'4"
Height: 24" | Width: 9" | Player Height: 5'2"-5'8"

Kickers Sizing:
Men's Shoe Size: 4-6.5 |
Women's Shoe Size: 5.5-8
Men's Shoe Size: 6.5-9.5 |
Women's Shoe Size: 7-11

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