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OBO Goalie Travel Bag

OBO Goalie Travel Bag


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The OBO Goalie Travel Bag is the perfect travel bag for any trip, whether you're packing light or heavy. This bag is just the right size, small enough so it's not a hassle to carry but large enough to hold all of your gear and more! The different handles and straps make it easy to navigate this bag through any step of transportation whether it be throwing the bag into the back of your car or bringing it to the field. 


  • Big size bag- not so big it's hard to carry but big enough to carry all of your gear
  • Pull handles for easy lifting in and out of cars, on and off luggage belts, and any other form of transport
  • Heavy duty zips and stitching to handle all sorts
  • Extra pockets for anything else you may need when traveling
  • Hand strap for optimal storage
  • Strong and comfy shoulder straps for easy of use when travelling from the car to the turf, train to the bus, and everywhere in between
  • Chest strap to add more support for when things get a little heavy
  • Hard wearing base for increased durability
  • Available in color light blue only
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