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NZ Stretchcordz® S123 Kick Trainer

NZ Stretchcordz® S123 Kick Trainer


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The S123 adds resistance to legs during kick sets. Assists ankle recovery from breaststroke kick and adds resistance to abdominal muscles during dolphin kicks.

The S123 includes two nylon shoulder harnesses and two adjustable foot harnesses that connect to two 20in/50cm tubes.  No removable components or replacement parts. Sold as a single unit.  Not interchangeable.  Choose from 5 resistance levels.

Color Resistance (1bs)* Resistance (kg)*
Silver 3-8 1.3-3.6
Yellow 5-14 2.2-6.3
Green 8-24 3.6-10.8
Red 12-31 5.4-14.1
Blue 14-34 6.3-15.4

*resistance when stretched 1-3 times original length

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