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NewStripe Fieldliner 3 Field Striping Machine

NewStripe Fieldliner 3 Field Striping Machine


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The Newstripe FieldLiner 3™ , Model# 10004867, sets a new standard for economical field marking equipment. It produces a better quality line than aerosol spray cans and saves you money! The easy to clean, 3 Gallon tank, has a wide opening so you can easily fill it with cost-effective bulk paint. Plus, you can add the optional CO2 Power Pack to eliminate hand pumping. Not only does it save you money it allows you to stripe 25-30% faster.


The FieldLiner 3™ Hand Pump Field Striping Machine  has four 10 inch flat free wheels, a full loop handle and hand control lever, making it easy to control for straight, accurate lines. The handle also folds to easily transport and store.


  • Simple to use – A built-in hand pump pressurizes the paint. The easy to read pressure gauge lets you keep the paint pressure exactly right
  • Easy to Clean- simply tip the machine over the front wheels onto the handle and you can flush out the tank. The tank includes a wide opening for easy filling, a pressure gauge and safety relief valve
  • Up-gradable – Mark 30 percent faster with the available CO2 power pack. One charge of the CO2 cylinder will mark up to 8 miles of 4 inch wide line vs hand pumping. Cylinders can be easily refilled at local welding, beverage, and paint ball supply companies. The typical refill charge is $5 to $10
  • Brighter Lines – Get heavier, brighter lines, that will last much longer than with aerosol paints. Plus there are no toxic cans to dispose of
  • Removable Spray Gun – The adjustable in-line hand gun quickly detaches to spray corners, circles, and stencils.
  • Adjustable Handle – The full loop handle adjust to two different height positions and folds to fit easily into car trunk or SUV
  • Manufacturers 18 Month Limited Warranty 
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