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NewStripe EcoLiner Plus - Battery Powered Field Striper

NewStripe EcoLiner Plus - Battery Powered Field Striper


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The EcoLiner Plus field striper, Model# 10004484,  is great for painting professional looking lines on a field in a quick and easy way. This paint machine can be used for hours on a single battery charge which allows for less time spent on recharging or replacing the battery and more focus on getting straight, professional lines painted onto a field. This field striper is built to last  while also being convenient to use. All you have to do is plug the battery in and place a 5-gallon pail of premixed paint onto the machine and then you're all set to make your field look professional and ready for play. Made in the USA.

Battery and 5 gallon bucket are sold separately.


  • Heavy-duty, diaphragm pump powered by a 12-volt deep cycle battery
  • Has an all welded steel construction and quality components for duribility
  • No pressurized tanks which means no need to release pressure to add paint or clean as well as no high-pressure pump  output to prohibit operator injury
  • Easy cleanup by flushing clean water through the spraying system from the onboard clean water reservoir that allows for instant cleaning without need for additional water buckets
  • Efficient spray nozzle design helps to paint high-quality lines the first time to avoid time spent on touch ups or repainting of lines
  • Spray nozzle is fully adjustable to paint 2in. to 6in. thick lines
  • Flat free tires with a knobby tread
  • A quick release clamp that allows the user to remove the spray gun for effortless painting of stencils with a 12ft. hose
  • Large mesh filter on the intake hose with additional inline filter and check valve to eliminate clogged tips and messy dripping
  • Covered by manufacturers 12 month limited warranty
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