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NewStripe 4400 Airless Walk Behind Striping Machine

NewStripe 4400 Airless Walk Behind Striping Machine


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The Newstripe 4400 Airless Striping Machine high pressure airless striper, Model# 10003566,  gives you big league, professional performance in a convenient, compact and easy to use design. Stripe perfectly straight, 2 inch-6 inch wide lines without having to push a bulky, heavy machine. Plus, the 3000 psi adjustable pressure pump lets you spray perfect lines without wasting paint. Easy to use, handle mounted controls let you quickly and efficiently stripe without time consuming and costly set up.

The 4400™ Airless Striping Machine features:

  • Straighter Lines – The 10 inch pneumatic tires and four wheel design provides straighter lines when striping on both smooth and uneven surfaces
  • Brighter Lines – Fully adjustable, 0-3000 psi pump pressure. You control the perfect pressure to apply thinned or non-thinned paints. The result is a higher quality line without wasting paint
  • Easy To Use – Paint is pulled directly from any standard 5-gallon pail. A universal lid snaps on any pail to prevent spills
  • Easy Cleanup – Color changes and clean up are a snap. Simply remove the pail with unused striping paint, place a half filled pail of water or solvent (depending on the paint being used) on the machine and flush the system. Run the liquid pump protector through the system, and your machine is ready for the next striping job
  • Versatile – Stripe both Athletic fields and parking lots.  Plus, a quick release clamp allows you to remove the spray gun to spray stencils, curbs, and hard to reach areas with a 25 foot length hose. An optional rear caster is also available to spray arcs and circles
  • Manufacturers 36 Month Limited Warranty

What makes a machine airless and why is this an advantage?

It has to do with how the paint is atomized. In line striping, atomizing is the process in which paint leaves the spray nozzle in a fan pattern. On airless stripers, no air is required to atomize the paint. Instead, airless stripers use high pressure and airless spray tips to atomize the paint in a fan patter. This contrasts to air-based stripers that atomize the paint by injecting compressed air into the spray system. Airless stripers are faster at applying the paint, require less thinning of the paint (and often require no thinning), and get more linear feet per gallon of coverage compared to air-based stripers. The user of an airless striper usually saves time and cost by using an airless striper.

Why do the Newstripe machines have a 4 wheel design, whereas other machines have 3?

The 4250, 4400, and 4600 SP, as well as all the EcoLiner stripers are built with a rugged four wheel design to enhance the stability of the machines. This increases the overall straightness of the line being painted.

Why would I choose an Airless over an EcoLiner to mark athletic fields?

The 4250, 4400, and 4600 SP are high pressure airless stripers, whereas the EcoLiners are low pressure stripers. Using a high pressure airless striper over low pressure has a couple major benefits:

  • Athletic paint does not need to be thinned.
  • A higher paint coverage efficiency (high pressure gets 450 linear feet per gallon whereas low pressure gets 350 linear feet per gallon)
  • Can be used as a pavement striper as well.

What is the difference between the 4250, 4400, and 4600 SP?

The 4250 is the most economical of the three stripers. It has a slightly lower GPM than the other two machines, which can require certain paints to be thinned more than they would be with the 4400 or 4600 SP.

The 4400 has a higher GPM than the 4250, allowing it to spray a more versatile array of paints.

The 4600 SP is essentially the same as the 4400 except for one major feature: it is self-propelled.

Can this machine do arcs/circles?

With the addition of the rear flip down caster, the 4250 can effortlessly paint arcs and circles.

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