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Mpow 35 Pro Ear Defender Ear Muffs For Starters

Mpow 35 Pro Ear Defender Ear Muffs For Starters


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These inexpensive ear protectors are perfect for use when using starting guns to start races.  A great addition to your starting equipment.  When you are exposed to sound levels in excess of 85dBA hearing protection should be used to protect you from hearing loss.

28dB High Noise Reduction Rating

Disco/KTV: ≥90dB, damage to the hearing. After: ≤60dB, no damage to the hearing
Airport: 80 – 89dB, unbearable. After: ≤50dB, relatively quiet
Bedroom facing to the street: 60 – 79dB, suffer insomnia. After: ≤30dB, little quiet sound
Noisy living room: 50 – 59dB, noisy. After: ≤20dB, nearly silent
Bedroom: 40dB, quiet/soft voice. After: -, silent

Quality and Technology Guarantee

Certified by ANSI S3.19&CE EN352, our over-the-head ear muffs are engineered to work in harsh environments. Two layers of professional noise dampening foam, high sealing solid cup and the unique double-shell are used, all combined to achieved an industry leading NRR.

Suitable for Both Adults and Children

Design adjustment headband to achieve a full of vertical adjustment for a perfect fit. The retractable stainless steel at the end of headband offers a flexible adjustment.

Foldable for Easy Storage

The foldable design is easy to transport in your purse. Lightweight Dura-Design Keeps Ears Cool, Reduces Neck Strain.

Package Contents
Earmuffs × 1
Carrying Bag × 1
User Manual × 1

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