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Morley Deluxe Multi Sport Heavy Duty Flip-A-Score

Morley Deluxe Multi Sport Heavy Duty Flip-A-Score


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Not all Flip-A-Scores are made equal.  Our customers were sick of buying flip-a-scores that fall apart or just don't work right.  We listen to our customers so we are now offering the the Morley Deluxe Flip-A-Score. 

This score board is perfect for multi sport use offering both possession indicators and period indicators.  The heavy duty materials make this your go to scoreboard because it can take daily use and hold up to all day scoring.

Heavy plastic number cards will not tear off and feature bold digits.  Red on one size and green on the other.  Numbers measure approximately 5" so they can be viewed at a good distance.  The period indicator numbers measure almost 3" in height. 

Table top design uses suction cups to sit on the edge of your scoring table making scoring easy.  Deluxe flip-a-scores have it all.  

This is the flip-a-score you've been asking for.  We know you're going to want to switch your entire facility over to this new model so we are also offering quantity pricing on this model so buy a few today.

Board face measures 12" high x 21" wide.  Home and Guest lettering measures approximately 3" high x 9" wide for a generous viewing distance.
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