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Mackerel Super Sopper (No Filter Cloth)

Mackerel Super Sopper (No Filter Cloth)


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The Mackerel Super Sopper is designed to clear water quickly and with little effort. The large drum rolls over standing water and absorbs it quickly.This model does not include a filter cloth for dirt or clay surfaces making it perfect for tennis and basktball courts.


  • Weighs only 14 lbs for use by anyone
  • Large 7 gallon holding tank
  • Remove water without damaging even the softest surface
  • A highly absorbent foam pad is attached to a perforated metal drum. The pad can soak up to 3/4 inch of water with each pass
  • Squeeze roller forces the water out of the foam and into a holding tank suspended on the axle
  • To empty the tank, turn the drain elbow down
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